How to Remove a Phone Number From Google Search

By Michaele Curtis

One of the many features of Google search is Google Phonebook, a feature that brings up the owner’s name and location if you search for a phone number in Google search. Google Phonebook has been controversial because many people that the company has crossed the lines of privacy by giving this information out. However, Google has always contended that it only returns information that is available on the Internet already and isn’t breaking any privacy regulations. If your phone number is one of the ones listed by the Google Phonebook feature in Google search, you can protect your information by having it removed.

Step 1

Access the Google Phonebook removal tool on your computer’s Internet browser. (See "References" section for link)

Step 2

Enter your name, your location and the phone number you want removed from Google Phonebook. Choose your reasons for removing your phone number.

Step 3

Click “Submit Form.”