How to Remove Personal Information from Zabasearch

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

Protect you privacy on Zabasearch
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The Internet provides a valuable resource towards researching almost anything, including personal information. The ability to find personal information is a gift to many searching for lost friends or relatives. In some cases, finding personal information is a safety issue, for example when checking to see if registered sex offenders live nearby.

However, having personal information about law-abiding citizens so readily available raises issues about privacy and is also the other side of the safety coin - victims of crime and domestic violence need to stay hidden for their own security. If you have concerns about your privacy, you will want to remove your personal information from, one of the major public information search engines that may list your address and telephone number.

Contact your phone company, change your phone number, and request that your new telephone number be unlisted. This is one of the most important steps in protecting your privacy online. Zabasearch and other online directories draw their telephone number information from the phone companies, and unless your number is unlisted, it WILL be published.

More personal information protection - PO Boxes

Rent a P.O. Box. If you are planning on moving, the time to rent the P.O. Box is BEFORE you move, to help keep your new address private. P.O. Boxes can be rented from your post office or private companies for a monthly fee that will depend on the size of the box you rent. If permitted, using your P.O. Box address for online forms and any official or government documents will keep your physical address out of public databases, which is an important part of protecting your personal information. Many search engines, including Zabasearch, acquire their data from public sources.

Request that your personal information be removed from Zabasearch using their free removal process. Now that you've made your phone number and address private, contact Zabasearch via postal mail to request that your personal information be deleted from their database. A link with Zabasearch's current address is provided in the Resource section of this article.

Type your name into Zabasearch, then print out the web page showing the search results. Circle all of your personal information in red. Include this printout with a letter containing your name, address, phone number, date of birth, and email address.

Use Zabasearch's Expedited Record Blocking for removal of your personal information if your need is urgent. This option at present costs $20.00US, so only utilize this opt-out method if you need your personal information removed quickly. A link for this service is provided in the Resource section of this article.

Keep your personal information top secret with help

Register with the Address Confidentiality program if your state offers it. This program permits domestic violence survivors and victims of certain other crimes to keep their physical addresses secret by allowing the use of an alternative mailing address on legal documents. Keeping your physical address off the record keeps it out of search sites like Zabasearch. A link to information about this program is provided in the Resource section. Be safe, not sorry - use these steps to keep your personal information off Zabasearch and other web sites.


A physical address is the actual location of a house or business. A mailing address is the address to which mail is sent, and does not have to be the same as a physical address. Filing out any form with your personal information can result in that information being posted on the Internet.

Think before you enter a contest or participate in a survey. Zabasearch states in their opt-out policy that the personal information in your opt-out letter will be used solely for the purpose of your request, and that the letter will be destroyed.

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Computer Printer

  • Postage stamp

  • Envelope

  • Unlisted telephone number

  • P.O. Box