How to Remove a Password on an LG Optimus M

by Ruri Ranbe

The LG Optimus M doesn't offer you many alternatives if you forget the pattern to unlock your smartphone. After all, if it were easy to bypass the lock, it wouldn't do much in the way of security. If you don't remember your pattern, or if someone created one without your permission, you have two choices: sign in to your Google account to remove the lock, or perform a factory reset of your device. If you don't have a Google account, the latter option is your only solution.

If You Have a Google Account

Step 1

Press the "Forgot Pattern?" button, and then enter your email address and password into the appropriate fields.

Step 2

Tap "Sign In" to log in to your Gmail account and bypass the lock pattern.

Step 3

Go to the Home screen, press the "Menu" key and then tap "Settings."

Tap "Location & Security" and then tap "Set Up Screen Lock." Follow the on-screen prompts to redraw your lock pattern.

If You Don't Have a Google Account

Step 1

Press the "Power/Lock" button and then choose "Power Off" from the pop-up menu to turn off the LG Optimus.

Step 2

Press and hold simultaneously the "Volume Down," "Home" and "Power/Lock" buttons for at least five seconds to reset the device.

Release the buttons when the phone turns on.


  • If you know your lock pattern and want to remove the screen lock, touch the "Menu" key on the Home screen and then tap "Settings | Location & Security | Set Up Screen Lock | None."


  • Back up any important data stored to your phone before performing a factory reset.

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