How to Remove Mouse Drivers

by C. Taylor
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Although installed programs are typically found in Windows 8.1's Programs and Features utility, drivers are not. To locate and remove your mouse drivers, you need to open the Device Manager, which assembles all the hardware drivers for your computer. From the Device Manager, you can optionally uninstall the mouse driver; this forces Windows to automatically reinstall it the next time you restart your computer or attempt to locate new hardware, assuming the mouse is still attached.

Step 1

Type "Device Manager" from the Windows 8.1 Search panel and then select "Device Manager" from the search results.

Step 2

Double-click "Mice and Other Pointing Devices" to expand the category. If there's a problem with your mouse, indicated by a yellow exclamation point, the category is already expanded. If you don't see the category or mouse entry, the mouse isn't currently attached. In such cases, click "View" and then select "Show Hidden Devices."

Right-click on the listed mouse, select "Uninstall" and choose "OK" in the confirmation dialog.


  • Removing drivers won't remove any programs that were installed with the mouse. To remove this software, search for "Programs and Features," select the mouse's software entry and then choose "Uninstall."


  • If the mouse is still attached, Windows will automatically reinstall the drivers. To disallow this behavior, detach the mouse before restarting the computer or locating new hardware.
  • It is not necessary to uninstall the mouse driver before updating it. Instead, right-click the listed mouse and then select "Update Driver Software."


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