How to Remove LSO Cookies

By Peter Thomas

Remove LSO Cookies
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Local shared objects (LSO) files are cookies stored by Adobe Flash. These cookies are independent of browser cookies and can be used for saving information such as game states, save files, account login information and tracking data. Removal of LSO files is important for your online security, as sites may be using them to track your browsing habits and store sensitive information about you. Adobe provides a way for all users of Flash to delete LSO cookies from the "Settings manager" portion of the Flash website.

Open a browser that has Adobe Flash installed.

Visit the Flash Player Settings Manager website (see Resources).

Scroll through the "Websites" list at the bottom of the Settings Manager box. Each entry is an LSO cookie. Click the name of one you would like to remove.

Click "Delete Website," then click "Confirm."

Click "Delete all sites" to remove all LSO cookie objects.