How to Remove LoJack from BIOS

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You may love your laptop because it's small and portable, but those same features may make it a target for a thief. To guard against this threat, LoJack for Laptops can track the location of your laptop if it's ever stolen. If you're the type of person, however, who doesn't travel much and who's extremely careful with his laptop, you may not feel the need to have LoJack for Laptops. In that case, you can remove the service from your laptop.

Step 1

Find the service tag and serial number of your computer.

Step 2

Click "Start" and "All Programs" on your laptop. Search for the type of LoJack that your computer contains, such as "Premium" or "Standard."

Step 3

Open an online browser, and go to Web page of Absolute Software (see Resources). Complete your request to remove LoJack, and click "Submit." This allows Absolute to send you verification via email that they have received your removal request and will remove your LoJack automatically from the BIOS of your computer.

Reboot your laptop to complete the process.

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