How to Remove Lockout on a Screen Saver

by Christopher Williams

To easily secure your computer, especially in public environments, Windows has several built-in security features. Among them is the screen saver password lock. With this feature enabled, any time you want to return from the screen saver to the desktop, you must enter a password to unlock the screen. If you have your computer in a private area and no longer need the password lock on the screen saver, it takes only a few moments to remove it.

Click anywhere on your desktop with the right mouse button; a small menu will appear.

Click on "Personalize" on the menu; a new window will appear with options for personalizing the look and feel of your computer.

Click on "Screen Saver" and one more new window will appear with options for selecting and adjusting your screen saver.

Un-check the box next to "On resume, display logon screen." If the box is checked, you are forced back to the logon screen when coming out of the screen saver and have to reenter your password to return to the desktop. Unchecking this item will cause you to simply return to the desktop when coming out of the screen saver.


  • check These instructions are specific to Windows Vista operating systems. For Windows XP, the process is similar. From the first menu, you would click "Properties" rather than "Personalize." That will take you into the "Display Properties" window. From there, you can find the screen saver tab and remove the option to require password entry.

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