How to Remove a Keyboard Key on a Dell Latitude

By James Clark

The Dell Latitude is a line of notebook computers designed primarily for business use. Dell advertising promotes the machines for durability and security. The keyboard on a Latitude is designed to be removed as an entire component, or individual keys can be removed and replaced if necessary. Each key snaps into the main board with a small plastic peg on a rubber plunger and a wire spring underneath the key to snap it back into position after each keystroke. Use a delicate touch, and the key will pop off a Dell Latitude in a few seconds.

Shut down the Latitude by clicking the "Start" button on the lower left-hand corner, then choosing "Shut Down" and clicking "OK." Wait for the notebook to power down.

Raise the notebook cover by pressing the release button on the front edge and lifting the cover to expose the keyboard underneath.

Gently insert the flat edge of a screwdriver between the key to be removed and the key immediately below it, looking down on the keyboard.

Ease the edge of the blade underneath the key and slowly lower the screwdriver handle to pry off the key.

Lift the loosened key straight off the rubber plunger and wire spring beneath it, taking care not to dislodge the adjacent keys.