How to Remove an iPhone Pin

by Rachelle Smith

The iPhone pin is a four-digit passcode that can be set to block access to the phone after the phone is locked. It will be requested on the main screen if you try to use the locked phone. This is an option to prevent unauthorized people from accessing the phone. The phone can be set to lock after a certain time period and the pin will be requested after that time frame has passed. It can be removed if you decide that the feature is not necessary anymore.

Press the bottom button on the front of the iPhone, which will make the phone's screen light up.

Place your finger on the "Slide to unlock" arrow and slide your finger to the right. The phone will now display "Enter Passcode" on the screen with a keypad below.

Type your pin number on the numerical keypad displayed on the screen. The phone will display your home screen immediately after the correct pin has been entered.

Press the "Settings" icon and then the "General" option.

Scroll down with your finger to the "Passcode Lock" option and press it.

Type your pin on the keypad that has appeared. More options will appear on the screen for you to decide what changes you would like to make.

Press the "Turn Passcode Off" button. Re-enter your pin again on the new screen. The screen will then switch back to the Options page.

Press the bottom button on the front of the iPhone to return to the main screen. The pin is now removed.

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