How to Remove Ink Cartridges From HP Printers

by Contributor

There are many different brands of computer printers, and they all have ink cartridges specifically designed for them. You will need to be aware of these differences before you can remove your computer printer's ink cartridges. If you have determined that you have an HP computer printer, you are one step closer to successfully removing the ink cartridges. Most HP computer printers contain instructions for removal and replacement of ink cartridges in the instruction book and on the inside panel near the ink cartridges.

Turn on the HP printer using the "on" button on top.

Open the front panel of the printer by pulling it open. The ink cartridges in an HP printer should automatically move to the center.

Reach in and pull out the cartridges one at a time. You will need to press down on the front end of the cartridges while pulling them out. There should be picture instructions included on the inside of the front panel.

Read the number on each ink cartridge. HP has several different types of ink cartridges and they all have a specific number assigned to them.

Write down the side that each number goes on. For example, colored ink may be on the left side while black ink may be on the right side. You will need to know this if you intend to replace the ink cartridges.

Dispose of the used ink cartridges.

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