How to Remove IIS Cache

By Sharon Harp

The Internet Information Services app that comes with Windows Server Web-hosting software includes a feature for caching Web pages locally to increase the overall number of visitors that the server can support. Unfortunately, IIS caching behaviors sometimes lead to unwanted consequences when the wrong Web pages are cached. You can fix these issues by disabling the caching feature for pages on which content changes frequently, such as ASP active server pages.

Step 1

Click "Start" on your server, open "Administrative Tools" and then select the "IIS" program.

Step 2

Navigate to the website in IIS from which you want to remove the caching feature. Right-click on your website, then click "Properties."

Step 3

Click "Home Directory," select "Configuration" and then click "App Mappings." De-select the "Cache ISAPI Applications" box and then click "OK" to save your changes. You've now configured the server side to prevent caching but you will also need to amend each ASP page.

Step 4

Open each ASP page that you don't want to be cached with a plain text editor or Web design program. At the top of the page add the following line of code:

<% Response.Expires=0 %>