How to Remove Icons From the Firefox Toolbar

by Chris Hoffman

Firefox's toolbar contains navigation icons, an address bar, a search box and other interface elements. The toolbar is fully customizable so you can remove, rearrange or add icons, separators, spaces and other interface elements to it. Firefox includes a toolbar customization dialog, which lets you drag-and-drop icon to and from the FIrefox toolbar. In addition to removing icons, the toolbar customization dialog contains a variety of additional toolbar icons you can add.

Right-click the Firefox toolbar and click "Customize."

Left-click an icon on the Firefox toolbar and hold down the mouse button.

Drag the icon to the Customize Toolbar window and release the left mouse button.

Click "Done."


  • check You can also remove all icons from the Firefox toolbar and see text instead of icons on toolbar buttons. Click the "Show" box at the bottom of the Customize Toolbar window and click "Text."

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