How to Remove an Icon From the Toolbar

by M. Alanna White

The process of removing and adding toolbar icons applies to all Windows programs. The basic design of these programs is essentially the same when discussing the toolbar. There is a "File," "Edit" and "Help" menu for each. These menus are locked controls, and each menu option is programmed to only perform a specific task. Customizations or modifications of these menus cannot be performed by the user. However, these Microsoft Windows programs feature toolbars that can be customized by the user.

Open the Windows program where the toolbar is located by selecting its name within the "Start" menu.

Right-click anywhere in the open area on the right side of the "Help" menu. Scroll down and select "Customize." Wait for the "Customize" dialog box to load.

Select and drag the toolbar icon you want removed to the "Customize" dialog box. Repeat for each icon you want removed. Select "Close."

About the Author

M. Alanna White holds an Associate of Science degree in information technology from South University Savannah, graduated from The Institute of Children's Literature and Long Ridge Writer's Group. White's published work includes "Mystery," published in The World of Poetry's "Selected World of Our World's Best Poets." "The Obvious," published in The National Library of Poetry's "On the Threshold of a Dream, Vol. III."