How to Remove the Hard Drive of a Dell Inspiron 8100

by Joanne Mendes

Removing the hard drive from a laptop is one of the easiest repairs that can be performed on a Dell Inspiron 8100. It can be done in a few minutes without taking the entire laptop apart. This easily allows you to replace a broken hard drive or upgrade to a more powerful one.

Power down the laptop and make sure it is completely shut down. Unplug the laptop from any electrical outlet, detach the AC cord and remove it from the unit. Detach any external components such as printers, speakers, flash cards and memory sticks.

Close the laptop and turn it upside down with the front facing you. Unscrew the main battery cover and remove the battery. Unscrew the cover of the media bay and remove the battery from the bay. (Note: not all Dell Inspiron 8100 laptops use the secondary battery found in the media bay. If you are not sure, it’s best to check the media bay before proceeding since leaving the battery can damage the unit and cause electrical shock.)

Locate the hard drive. On a Dell Inspiron 8100 that is upside down, the hard drive will be on the left side edge of the laptop.

Unscrew the hard drive door using a Phillips screwdriver.

Detach the hard drive door from the laptop body by slowly sliding it up until the lower tabs unlatch.

Pull the hard drive out of the laptop, gently, holding the unit by the edges. Do not drop the hard drive of press down on it as this will damage the unit


  • close Please note that working on your laptop on your own will void Dell’s warranty. If your laptop is still under warranty, please take it to an authorized repair shop.
  • close After removing the laptop’s battery, wait a few seconds before going on to the next step. This gives any electrical current in the unit a chance to dissipate.

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