How to Remove Google Plus from a YouTube Account

by C. Taylor

If you chose to connect your old YouTube account's channel with a Google Plus profile or page, you have the option to remove that connection. However, newly created channels that are linked to a Google Plus page, rather than a profile, have a 14-day window to remove the connection before it becomes permanent. If your channel does not have a YouTube username associated with it or the 14-day grace period has expired, you cannot remove Google Plus from the account.


Log in to your YouTube account. If the channel is linked with a Google Plus page, log in using the linked Google account.


Click your username and select "YouTube Settings." If you have multiple channels associated with the Google account, click "Switch Account" and select the appropriate channel before entering YouTube Settings.


Click the "...Disconnect Google+" link that appears beneath your email address.


Click "OK" to confirm your selection.

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