How to Remove a Frame From a Text Word Document

by Regina Edwards

Text frames in Microsoft Word documents are used to embed functions in a document or for specific placement of text blocks. Sometimes a scanned document will automatically generate frames of text when the character recognition software converts the document to MS Word format. Removing frames from an MS Word document will facilitate copy review and revisions. Once a frame is selected, it can be deleted while transferring the text to the main document. Alternatively, a frame and the text in the box can be easily deleted from the document or page.

Step 1

Select the frame on the document with a single click.

Step 2

Select "Frame" under the "Format" function in your top menu bar (or right-click the frame and select the "Format Frame" function) and click the "Remove Frame" option to delete the frame and transfer contents to the main document.

Press the "Delete" key after selecting the frame to delete the frame and contents within, if desired.


  • Check whether you missed any frames by clicking an outside margin of your document and selecting the "Select All" function under "Edit" in your top menu bar. If text is selected, no frames were detected by this function; scan the pages of your document for frames that were selected and remove or delete them accordingly.


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