How to Remove a Factory Toyota Radio

By Nichole Liandi

If you want to replace the radio in your Toyota with an aftermarket stereo, the first step is to remove the factory-installed radio. This may look like a daunting task at first glance, but in reality it's not hard to do if you follow these simple steps to remove the factory radio in most Toyota vehicles.

Using a trim panel tool, carefully pry out the trim panel that surrounds the climate controls. This will release a series of clips that hold it into place. When it's loose, pull it away from the dash and disconnect the wiring plugs connected to the back. Set the panel aside.

Pry up the edges of the trim panel surrounding the receiver. When it's loose, pull it away from the dash, remove any wiring plugs connected to the back, and set it aside.

Unscrew the four 10mm bolts holding the radio in place. When the screws are out, pull the radio out of the dash, disconnecting the harness and antenna plug by pulling them out of their respective sockets.