How to Remove a Factory Stereo in a Mazda Protege

By Nichole Liandi

The Mazda Protege sedan comes from the factory equipped with a stereo receiver and speakers. Many audio enthusiasts want to improve upon the factory gear, and changing the car's original stereo to a higher-performance and more powerful aftermarket stereo is one of the best ways to start the process. Of course, this means you'll need to remove the original stereo from the dash. Fortunately for Protege owners, this is an easy task.

Locate the two small rectangular plastic panels on the right and left sides of the factory radio's face. Take a small flat-blade screwdriver and pry these off. This will reveal two small round openings on either side of the radio's face.

DIN tools

Insert your DIN tools into the holes, one tool on either side of the radio. Push the DIN tools in firmly until you feel a definite click. The click indicates that you've released the locking mechanism that holds the radio in place.

Push the DIN tools outward slightly and then pull them towards you. The radio will slide out of the cavity it is mounted in. Pull the radio entirely out, and then disconnect the plugs connected to the back of the radio. The radio has now been removed from the dash.