How to Remove Duplicate Files on a Mac

by Jack Busch

The easiest way to free up hard disk space is to delete duplicate files. Although iTunes and iPhoto have built-in methods for finding duplicates, locating redundant versions of other file types isn't as simple. Luckily, there is a free and easy solution to help you remove duplicate files on a Mac.

Visit the DupeCheck website and download the program. DupeCheck is a droplet program that automatically runs a search using Spotlight.

Unzip DupeCheck and place it on your desktop.

Open "Finder" and locate a file that you would like to check for duplicates.

Drag the file onto the DupeCheck icon that you unzipped in step 2. This runs DupeCheck.

DupeCheck displays the locations of all the duplicate files. Navigate to the files and delete them. To delete a file, select it in "Finder," click "File" and then click "Move to Trash."


  • check To finish deleting your files, click the "Trash" icon then click "Finder" and "Empty trash." Araxis Find Duplicate Files is another alternative that you can try for free for 7 days. You may also want to try Duplicate Files Searcher, another free program.


  • close Once files are emptied from your trash, they are irrecoverable.

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