How to Remove Duplicate Bookmarks

by Kaylee Finn

Duplicate bookmarks can be removed by hand by clicking "Bookmarks" and then "Organize Bookmarks" and going through your bookmarks to delete the duplicates. However, this can become tedious and difficult if you have a large number of bookmarks. Several programs will automatically detect duplicate bookmarks for you. One free program is AM-deadlink; it works with Internet Explorer and Firefox 2 or earlier.

Go to the AM-deadlink program homepage and download it. Run the installer, selecting where you would like it installed. At the end select "Run AM-deadlink" and then "Finish."

Select the browser you want to check for duplicate bookmarks from the drop down list. Internet Explorer is selected as the default.

Click the "Find Duplicates" button, which looks like a series of red to white silhouettes of a person.

Click the "Select All Duplicates But One" button. Then press the delete button. Click "Yes" to confirm that you want to delete the selected bookmarks. All duplicate bookmarks will be removed from your browser.

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