How to Remove the DRM on PDF Files

By Editorial Team

Remove the DRM from PDF files before you modify your documents.
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DRM (Digital Rights Management) controls limit the features that those who use PDF documents have at their disposal. Content producers utilize DRM software to help guard against people who desire to steal content. If you desire to copy, modify or otherwise change a file that contains DRM protection, you have to download an application to take off these restrictions.

Step 1

Install a program that removes DRM from your files. Some examples of this type of program include PDF Unlocker, PDF Restrictions Remover or Unrestrict PDF.

Step 2

Open the PDF document from which you want to remove the DRM. Click your mouse on the DRM program icon, and wait for the application to take off the DRM controls previously put on the PDF document.

Step 3

Click on the new PDF document created by the DRM removal software. You now can alter the file in any way you desire.