How to Remove a Hard Drive From a Gateway Desktop Computer

By Larry Amon

Hard drives contain all of your data.
i hard drive interior image by Curtis Sorrentino from

Gateway has been around for quite a few years and they are known for the cow-colored boxes they ship their computers in. There is a variety of desktop computers made by Gateway, but removing a hard drive is pretty similar for all of them. You might want to remove the hard drive if you are getting rid of the computer and want to keep your data safe or use it in a new computer. This can be easily done, but might leave the new owner with a bit of work to get a new drive.

Turn off the computer and lay it on its side. Open the case by unscrewing the access door from the back of the case. In some cases you may need to push a button, lock or handle to release the case door.

Locate the hard drive. It is usually in the front of the case. The hard drive is a rectangle that is less than an inch thick and usually about four inches wide and six inches long. Pull out the data cable and power cable from the back of the hard drive.

Unscrew the hard drive. There are usually four screws on each side of the drive, screwed into the case. After unscrewing, pull the drive out and carefully remove it from the case.