How to Remove a Dowload Block From My Computer

By Cee Jay

Remove a download block.
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Computers are designed to ease workloads by maximizing efficiency. This works as long as they work as intended. Sometimes, computers function as they were designed, but still end up causing needless headaches. One such headache occurs while browsing the Internet: you click on a download and it's blocked or nothing happens.

Since Windows Vista and the introduction of "User Account Control," all downloads are blocked automatically. This feature is designed to prevent viruses, spyware and unauthorized programs from accessing the computer. This feature turns into a hindrance, as it asks your permission for every single thing. Double-clicking a folder in Windows prompts User Account Control to "ask" permission to open the folder. Look in the Control Panel, found under "My Computer," to turn it off. The menu to turn it off is located in the User Accounts section.

Parental controls is another Windows feature designed to control the browsing experience, including blocked downloads. If you have a standard account, change it to an administrator account or ask your administrator to change it. If a parent or guardian is in control, see if they'll change the setting that blocks downloads. The basic parental controls can be left intact, still filtering websites, while allowing downloads at the same time.

Many wireless routers contain advanced features that also filter the Internet. Check the modem's/router's documentation for info on how to access the Gateway. Also, double-clicking the network icon in Windows will open the "Network Connection Status" window. From there, clicking the "Details" button will show the IP address to access the router's website.

A file can be temporarily blocked in Internet Explorer. If you see a short, gold information bar along the top, click on it and then click on "Download File." This security feature gives you the chance to acknowledge acceptance of the download. Choose this option when you've personally clicked a download link and when it's from a trusted website.