How to Remove a Dell Laptop Password

By Joanne Mendes

Removing a password from a Dell laptop allows open access to a user account with just a click of the mouse. This is a practical idea if only one or two people use the laptop and there is no threat of a security breach. It speeds up the time needed to log on to an account and removes the hassle of forgotten passwords. Dell laptops run the Windows operating system, and removing a password only takes a few minutes using the Windows' control panel.

Log into your Dell laptop as an administrator. An administrator account is usually the main user account on a laptop and controls the creation, restrictions and actions of the system's user accounts.

Click the "Start" button and choose "Control Panel." Double-click "User Accounts."

Click "Remove Your Password" if you want to remove the password of the administrator account. If you want to change the password of a different user account, click "Manage Another Account" and double-click on the account's icon picture. Click "Remove the Password."

Type in the account's password in the box under "Are you sure you want to remove this password?" Click "Remove Password." The password is now removed from the account.