How to Remove Cutwail Spambot

By Todd Bowerman

Computer viruses can reinstall themselves if not properly removed.
i Harald Richter/iStock/Getty Images

The Cutwail virus is a nasty bit of malware that automatically downloads files to your PC and runs them without your consent. It’s also capable of compromising your sensitive information; the virus can steal usernames and passwords and send spam emails. Cutwail cannot be removed with a simple uninstall due to its complex nature. Windows Defender, included with Windows 8, is capable of removing and neutralizing the Cutwail threat.

Step 1

Press the "Windows" key on your keyboard to open the Start menu. Type “Windows Defender” and then click the application when it appears in your search results.

Step 2

Select “Full” under the “Scan Options” item. A full scan performs a deeper sweep and will pick up all pieces of the Cutwail infection.

Step 3

Click “Scan Now” to begin your scan. A full scan can take several minutes or hours, depending on your computer’s speed, storage space, document count and number of installed applications.

Step 4

Close Windows Defender when the scan completes. Windows Defender automatically removes threats as they are detected, including the Cutwail infection.