How to Remove a Craigslist Account

By Megan Maier

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i anyaberkut/iStock/Getty Images

If you haven’t yet signed up for a Craigslist account, consider resisting. Although holding a free or paid account allows you to save searches and view all your posts in one place, the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. Craigslist accounts are impossible to cancel. If you already have an account and are trying to cancel it, your best bet is to delete all your postings and change your email address.

Save Money

Many of the 60 million Craigslist monthly users do not hold accounts. Many of these users do have free accounts; however, Craigslist also offers paid accounts. Although paid accounts make it easier to manage paid postings, to pre-purchase blocks of postings and to pay invoices online, they are not required. Unless you need to add multiple authorized users to one account, spending money on a paid account is not worthwhile. Paid accounts cannot be canceled, so avoid signing up unless you really need one.

Avoid Restrictions

Like paid accounts, free Craigslist accounts cannot be canceled. Although Craigslist recommends signing up for an account to simplify the ad-posting process, you do not need one to post free ads. Since each Craigslist user is limited to one account and you are restricted to one ad every 48 hours in a single area and category, you have more flexibility without an account. You are better off not signing up and just posting an ad from the Craigslist homepage.

Access Forums

The only benefit you will miss out on if you do not have a Craigslist account is complete access to the help desk and feedback forums. Although you are unable to post or reply to posts in the forums, you can still search and read posts. If having access to reading the posts in the forums is sufficient, you do not really need a Craigslist account.

Delete Posts

The closest you can get to canceling your Craigslist account is to clear as much information from your account as possible. You can either delete your ads or wait for them to expire. Most free or paid ads expire between 7 and 45 days so if you are in a rush, delete them manually. To delete an ad, navigate to your account homepage. Under the Manage list, click Delete for each of your ads. If the change does not appear, refresh the page. After all of your posts are deleted, you can change your email address to one you do not use. Keep in mind that if you do change your email address, you may miss a notice that your account has been hacked.