How to Remove the Car Stereo in a Hyundai Accent

By Nichole Liandi

Hyundai is a popular car brand in the United States, and the mid-sized Accent is one of their top sellers. Hyundai Accents come equipped with factory radios, but if you're an audio enthusiast or want to take advantage of features that may not be found on your factory radio (like Bluetooth, or iPod control), you may want to replace the existing car stereo in your Hyundai Accent with a new stereo. To do this, you've have to remove the old one first.

Open the glove box. There are stops on each side of the glove box -- push in on the sides of the glove box so it will clear the stops, and let the glove box hang. This will expose a cable behind the glove box.

Pull the exposed cable away from a metal clip that's holding it into position, and then remove the cable by pushing in on the plastic clip that's holding the end of it in place.

Look underneath the dash, above the accelerator pedal. Push in on the plastic clips holding two climate control cables in place. Then slip the cables off of the studs they're looped over, and let them hang loose.

Pull out the cup holder to expose two Phillips screws. Loosen and remove these.

Pry around the edge of the trimpanel that surrounds the radio and climate controls. When the clips are released, pull it away from the dash, and disconnect the wiring harnesses connected to the trimpanel.

Undo 4 Phillips screws on the perimeter of the radio, pull the radio out, and unplug the wiring harness and antenna jack.