How to Remove Call Forwarding From a Sprint Phone

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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Sprint offers call forwarding for all their phones, allowing you to automatically send incoming calls to your voicemail or to another phone line. It's convenient if you are out of town or cannot use your phone for a period of time.

Once you're ready to receive calls again, you'll need to remove call forwarding. The process is the same for all Sprint phones.

Step 1

Dial *720 from your mobile phone. You must use the phone you want to remove call forwarding from.

Step 2

Press the "Talk" or "Call" button to initiate the call. Listen closely for the beep. When you hear the beep, press "End" to complete the process.

Contact Sprint Customer Care at 1-888-211-4727 if your phone calls are still being forwarded.


  • To reactivate call forwarding, dial *72, press "Talk" or "Call" and wait for the beep.


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