How To Remove About Blank Manually

by Anthony Smith

Many computer users have unknowingly become a victim of about.blank adware. Among other things, about.blank causes annoying pop-up advertisements that spring up based on key words that you type in to your web browser. It also hogs much of your computer's memory. You can remove the adware by carefully following these steps.

Step 1

Restart your computer and log in as the Administrator in "Safe Mode." See the "Tips" section for how to enter Safe Mode if you do not know how. Show all the hidden files and folders. Delete all of the files in the temp and temporary internet file directories. You must do this for every user profile on the machine.

Step 2

Go to another computer that is not infected with the virus and call up Download and install the free home anti-virus and malware protection software there. Copy it to a CD.

Step 3

Use the CD to install Avast on the infected computer. Do not download it from the internet. Open the Avast program, and in the main program window, locate the button on the upper right. It will read "Scan all local drives" when you move your mouse over it. Click on this button, and the program will scan your computer for any viruses or malware.

Step 4

Click on "Quarantine" in response to the question, "What action would you like to take?" This prompt will arise when the scan is complete and the trojan files are located by the program.

Restart your computer again and allow it to come up in normal mode this time. Run Avast again as described in steps 4 and 5. Reboot your computer once again and you are finished.


  • Many computer users have reported very good results in using another free program, Spyware Terminator, in conjunction with Avast. The resources section lists the web site address. To get into Safe Mode, restart your computer and press "F8" when you see your computer's name. If F8 doesn't work, try other function keys.


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