How to Remove Bing Toolbar from Firefox

by Stephanie D
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You may have noticed an unexpected installation of the Bing toolbar in your Mozilla Firefox Internet browser after receiving a Microsoft Windows Update. in addition to correcting problems with the search bars in Internet Explorer, one Microsoft update automatically installs the Bing search toolbar in Firefox for people who have used other Microsoft search toolbars, such as the MSN Toolbar or the Windows Live toolbar. However, you can remove the Microsoft Bing search toolbar from Firefox at any time.

Step 1

Close any open Firefox windows.

Step 2

Open the Control Panel.

Step 3

Select "Programs and Features."

Step 4

Select "Bing Bar."

Step 5

Click "Remove."

Click "Next" to prompt the Bing uninstaller and remove the Bing Bar from Firefox.


  • You may need to reset your homepage in Firefox after uninstalling the Bing Bar.
  • In Windows XP, select "Add or Remove Programs" instead of "Programs and Features" in Step 3.


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