How to Remove Bing From Your Computer

by Serm Murmson
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Bing is one of many available search engines for the Internet and in some cases it may be set as the default search engine for your browser. Even if it's not the default search engine, you may wish to remove it from your browser altogether. Major browsers enable you to manage the search engines they use and customize your search provider. The process for removing Bing from the search engine list varies depending on your browser.

Internet Explorer

Step 1

Click the gear icon to open the Tools menu.

Step 2

Select "Manage Add-ons" from the Tools menu to display your add-ons by type.

Step 3

Select "Search Providers" under the add-on type. If Bing is the only search provider listed, you'll have to add another one before you remove Bing. To do this, click "Find more search providers." Click your desired search provider and click "Add to Internet Explorer." Select "Make this my default search provider." Restart Internet Explorer and return to the Manage Add-ons menu.

Select "Bing" and click "Remove."

Mozilla Firefox

Step 1

Click the search provider icon in the search field of the search toolbar. This will list the possible search engine options for your search toolbar.

Step 2

Click "Manage Search Engines" to bring up a dialog box where you can prioritize, add and remove your search engine options.

Select Bing and click "Remove."

Google Chrome

Step 1

Click the icon of three horizontal lines to bring up the Chrome menu.

Step 2

Select "Settings" to open the Settings page.

Step 3

Click "Manage search engines" under the Search section of the Settings page.

Select Bing and click the "X" that appears.


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