How to Remove a Battery in a First Generation Kindle

by Tara Kimball

The first generation Amazon Kindle includes a rechargeable, replaceable battery. If the battery no longer holds a charge or begins to otherwise fail, replace it with a new battery directly from Amazon. There is no need to return your Kindle to Amazon and lose useful time with your Kindle simply for a battery replacement. Change the battery at home in minutes to protect the books and settings on your Kindle.

Step 1

Turn the Kindle's power switch off. Flip the device upside down on a flat surface.

Step 2

Push on the left side of the battery cover, located near the bottom of the back of the Kindle. Push toward the right side of the device to remove the cover.

Step 3

Lift the battery out of the back of the Kindle. Hold the new battery so it aligns in the same manner as the one you removed.

Push the new battery in until it locks into place. Position the back cover so the tabs on the cover align with the slots in the battery area. Push the battery cover into place until it clicks.


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