How to Remove Background Graphics in PowerPoint 2007

by Aaron Wein

Deleting a normal graphic from a PowerPoint 2007 slide requires you click the picture and push "Delete." If you have set a graphic as a background, however, this deletion method has no effect. Instead, removing background graphics requires you do a little digging into PowerPoint's Ribbon toolbar. Locate the "Background" options section to remove these unwanted graphics from your slide show's back drop.


Open PowerPoint 2007 and open the slide with the background graphic you want to remove.


Click the "Design" tab on the top of the window.


Click the "Background Styles" drop-down list. Options appear.


Click "Reset Slide Background." The graphic deletes.


  • check If you want to delete graphics from multiple slides simultaneously you can click slides in the left pane while holding the "Ctrl" key. This method selects each slide you click, allowing you to reset the slide background on all highlighted slides.

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