How to Remove Autofill

by Jim Campbell

Autofill provides you with past entries when you fill out a Web page form. Autofill makes it easy to fill out forms such as those that ask for your billing or shipping information. Since this information is the same each time you fill out a form, autofill prompts you for the information so you don't need to type it out. This can lead to privacy concerns if your computer is shared with other users. Each common Web browser offers the option to disable autofill.

Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer. Click the "Tools' menu item and select "Internet Options."

Click the tab labeled "Content." This tab contains privacy options for your browser including history, cache and autofill. Click the "Autocomplete" button. This opens a new dialog window.

Remove the check mark next to "Forms." This disables autofill for forms. You can also stop autofill for Web page addresses in the navigation text box and for user names and passwords. Remove check marks in these boxes if you wish to disable these options.

Click "OK" to save your settings. Autofill features are removed for Internet Explorer.


Open the Firefox browser. Click the "Tools" menu item and select "Options."

Click the tab labeled "Privacy." Click the "Save form information" button. This opens a list of options.

Remove the check mark next to the "Save information I enter in web page forms and the Search Bar" label. This removes the autofill features. Click "OK" to save your settings.

Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome. Click the "Tools" button, which is indicated by a wrench icon. From the menu, click "Options."

Click the "Personal Stuff" tab. This opens a list of privacy options for your Google Chrome browser.

Check the box option labeled "Never save text from forms." Click "Close" to save your options. Chrome no longer uses autofill on website forms.

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