How to Remove Agent.Exe

By Kristal Smith

i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Agent.exe is a file that is associated with one or all of three programs: Forte Agent Newsgroup Reader, InstallShield and Avira Internet Security. InstallShield is the most popular program that runs this file. InstallShield uses agent.exe to check for software updates through the Internet. If this file is causing problems for your computer, you can remove it. However, keep in mind that removal of this file could cause the program using the file to stop working. It is safe to have a system restore disk available before you delete any important file on your system in case something goes wrong.

Step 1

Open the Task Manager and terminate the process. Hold down CTRL, ALT and DEL. Click the "Image Name" tab and find agent.exe. Click on it. Click "End Process" to terminate it. If there are more than one, terminate them all.

Step 2

Use the Windows search tool to locate the file. Click "Start" and "Search" then "All files or folders." Select the option "Look in: My Computer" from the drop down menu, or "Folder: My Computer". Type "agent.exe" into the search box and click "Search." When the search finishes, hover your mouse over the agent.exe file. Right click the file name and select "Delete."

Step 3

Restart your computer by clicking "Start" and selecting "Shut down." In the menu that appears, select "Restart" and click "Okay." Your computer will restart and agent.exe will be gone.