How to Remove All Adobe Software From My Mac

By Jason Taetsch

The Mac OS X operating system stores software programs in bundles, so they can be quickly installed on and uninstalled from your computer. Unlike other operating systems, Mac OS X does not require an uninstaller utility to remove software from your hard drive. If you want to remove all of the Adobe programs on your computer, use the "Spotlight" tool to find the files you need to delete.

Click the "Finder" icon on the Dock. Or click "File" on the menu bar and click "New Finder Window."

Type "Adobe" into the search field located in the Finder window. The Spotlight search tool will display all of the files associated with Adobe applications in the Finder window.

Click on the first "Adobe" file and drag the file into the "Trash" icon on the dock. Hold "Command" while you click to select multiple files.

Right-click the "Trash" icon and click "Empty Trash" to completely remove the software from your computer. Enter in the administrator password for your operating system if prompted by your computer.