How to Remove About:Blank Free Downloads

By Tammy Clevenger

About:Blank malware removal can be accomplished in a few steps.
i virus alert image by Pontus Edenberg from

The About:Blank Free Downloads program is a known malware threat that hijacks the browser homepage and causes additional malware programs and pop-ups to be installed. The About:Blank appears on the computer in the form of adware, and if left unchecked, may take over browser functionality. The main symptom of the About:Blank malware is the blank HTML homepage as the default homepage in the browser. One reputable anti-malware company, MalwareBytes, has produced About Buster, which is a free fix for the About:Blank virus. The fix is available for download from the MalwareBytes website (See the Resources section of this article).

Open a Web browser and navigate to the MalwareBytes About Buster download location.

Download and save the zip file to the desktop.

Right-click on the downloaded, zipped file and select "Extract to Here" from the menu. The context menu will include this option if WinZip or WinRAR is installed on the computer.

Reboot the computer and press "F8" while the machine is booting up to enter Windows Safe Mode. In order to find any About:Blank program remnants, the About Buster application must run in Safe Mode.

Double-click on the extracted About Buster folder, and double-click the executable file inside the folder (AboutBuster.exe).

Click "Begin Scan" to start the About Buster scan. Allow the scan to finish running through all files on the computer. The About Buster application will automatically remove all traces of the About:Blank malware.