Removal Instructions for a Buick Regal Radio

By Nichole Liandi

Located to the right of the steering column, the factory radio in late-model Buick Regals features an AM/FM tuner and a cassette or CD player. Removing the radio lets you replace it with a more powerful aftermarket radio that has improved audio performance. Many aftermarket radios also have options like Bluetooth for hands-free calling and iPod control, among other features. Probably the biggest challenge of removing the radio is that there is a fair amount of dash disassembly required.

Remove any media, such as CDs or cassettes, from the old radio. Turn off the ignition and set the parking brake.

Remove the two 9/32-inch bolts from either end of the driver's side knee panel below the steering column.

Open the glove box and remove one 9/32-inch bolt from below the box. Pull the knee panel below and to the right of the glove box towards you to remove.

Pull off the fuse panel on the right end of the dashboard. Remove a 9/32-inch screw from behind the cover.

Pull outwards on the climate control cover, located below the radio. Pull the cover back far enough so that the there is clearance for the dash panel above to come off.

Pull the dash trim panel towards you, releasing the clips holding it in place. The panel extends the entire length of the dash, so work from one end to the other until it is loose. Remove the trim panel.

Remove three 9/32-inch screws from the radio. Pull out the radio and unplug its connectors.