How to Remotely View an iPhone (5 Steps)

By David Weedmark

AirPlay mirroring is available in the iPhone's Control Center.
i byryo/iStock/Getty Images

Remotely view your iPhone's screen from any PC in your house using Apple AirPlay, which is already built into your iPhone. All you need is to do is install a program on your computer so you can access AirPlay on your Wi-Fi network. These programs are available as a free download or as a free trial. Once installed, you can remotely mirror the iPhone's display to watch movies, play games or check your email using your computer's display instead of the iPhone's small screen.

Step 1

Select a software application -- such as Reflector, AirServer or XBMC -- that will enable your computer to act as an AirPlay receiver. Reflector and AirServer are available as free trials, while XBMC is a free open-source software (links in Resources).

Step 2

Download, install, and then launch the AirPlay application on your computer. If you choose XBMC, download and install either iTunes or Bonjour as well. XBMC needs one of these to enable AirPlay.

Step 3

Unlock the iPhone's screen and ensure it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer. To turn on Wi-Fi or to change Wi-Fi networks, tap "Settings," and then select "Wi-Fi."

Step 4

Place your finger on the bottom of the iPhone screen and swipe it upward. The iPhone's Control Center appears on the screen. Tap the "AirPlay" option, select your computer from the list of available AirPlay devices, and then select "Mirroring." The iPhone's display is remotely displayed on the computer.

Step 5

Watch a video, play a game or do anything else you normally do on the iPhone while watching the screen remotely on your PC. When finished, open the Control Center again, tap the "AirPlay" icon, and then select "iPhone" to stop mirroring the display on the computer.