Reinstalling Audio Devices in Windows XP

by Josienita Borlongan


Installing a New Audio Device

Windows makes it easy to install new devices. Most devices use plug-and-play technology and will be recognized by the operating system when you connect them to the computer. If Windows does not recognize the device and install the device drivers, install the software that came with the device.

Reinstalling by Uninstalling

Open the Device Manager and see if your device is working properly. To get to the Device Manager, click the Windows "Start" menu, choose "Control Panel," select "System and Maintenance" and choose "Device Manager." Find your audio device in the list. Right-click the device and choose "Uninstall." Reboot your computer. When your computer starts up it should recognize the hardware and reinstall your audio device.

Microsoft Fix It

Microsoft offers a free program that can be downloaded and will search your computer for problems and repair them. Download the Fit It program and follow the on-screen instructions and the program will repair the audio device.

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