How to Reinstall Zune Firmware

By Jamie Lisse

Zune firmware is the software that is actually on the Zune device. Periodically, updated versions of firmware are available for free download. If you need to reinstall the firmware to your Zune, you can do so with the Zune software for your computer. With the Zune computer software, you can check for updates to firmware, as well as install and reinstall firmware to the Zune device. Reinstalling Zune firmware is easy to do and you do not have to pay for the firmware.

Open a web browser window on your computer. Visit the Zune software page (see Resources).

Select your operation system and click "Download" under "Download Software Only." This link will download the latest version of Zune software that you will need to install to your computer. Zune firmware software is always free.

Connect your Zune to your computer with the USB sync cord that came with it. Be sure to use an actual USB port instead of a USB hub for the best results.

Launch the Zune software once you have the Zune connected to the computer. The Zune software is configured to automatically search the Internet for updates to Zune firmware. A message will appear on your screen when it finds an update that needs to be installed, and you should click "Install" to install it.

Check manually that the firmware has been reinstalled on your Zune by clicking on "Settings." Select "Device" and click "Device Update." This will initiate a search to see if there is firmware available that is not on the Zune. A message will appear on the screen, and you will need to click "Install" to get the firmware installed if it has not already been installed. If you get a message that the latest firmware is already on the Zune, just click "OK."