How to Reinstall Windows With a Recovery Disc

By Rita Wood

Most computers come with a recovery disk to reinstall Windows.
i Andrew Bret Wallis/Photodisc/Getty Images

When you purchase a new computer, it comes with a recovery disk in case of hardware failure, virus or spyware problem. You can reinstall Windows 7 using the recovery disk in a few short steps.

Insert the Windows 7 recovery disk and click "Start" then "Shutdown" to shut off the computer. Turn the computer back on and press any key on your keyboard when prompted.

Enter the language and other preferences and click "Next." Click "I Accept" to accept the license agreement and click "Next."

Click "Custom" when you see the message "Which type of installation do you want?"

Click "Drive Options" on the "Where do you want to install Windows?" page.

Click the partition you want to install, and follow the onscreen instructions. When it is finished, click "Next." Follow the onscreen instructions to finish installing Windows, which includes naming your computer and setting up the user accounts.