How to Reinstall Windows Operating Systems

by Jedadiah Casey

Microsoft Windows is the most widely used computer operating system in the world. It is preinstalled on most new computer systems and is compatible with a wide range of different computers. Microsoft Windows scales from small, embeddable computers to large servers containing multiple processors and enormous amounts of memory. Occasionally, the installation of Windows may become corrupt due to incompatible programs or viruses and other malware. You can reinstall Microsoft Windows to get rid of any unnecessary software on the computer system.

Insert the Windows installation disc into the disc drive, then restart the computer.

Boot from the disc. Many computers are set to boot from the inserted disc automatically. You may have to press a hotkey to boot from the disc. Common hotkeys are "Esc," "F8," "F10" and "F12."

Click "Install Now."

Click the check box, then click "Next."

Click "Custom," then click the desired partition on the hard drive. If no partitions exist, one is created automatically. Click "Next." Windows begins the installation process and restarts the computer automatically.

Follow the onscreen prompts to customize the Windows installation, including the initial user account name and the time zone.

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