How to Reinstall Verizon Internet Security Suite

By Joshua Duvauchelle

The Verizon Internet Security Suite is a compilation of security programs for Windows-based PCs. The security software is provided by the Verizon telecommunications company. Individuals may access and utilize the security software for a monthly fee. It includes various security features, such as a firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware software, and a pop-up blocker. Occasionally, individuals may experience bugs or problems with running one or more of the programs in the Verizon Internet Security Suite. It's possible to uninstall and reinstall the security software to debug the programs and fix any errors.

Step 1

Click the "Start" menu button in the lower left-hand corner of your PC screen.

Step 2

Select "Add/Remove Programs." Click on the Verizon Internet Security Suite and click "OK." This begins the uninstall and removal process. Do not close the dialog box until the removal process is complete. Alternately, you may download the Verizon Internet Security Suite Uninstall Software (link in the Resources section) and run the software to automatically remove all security suite files.

Step 3

Click the "Start" menu button and select "Restart" to reboot the computer.

Step 4

Close and uninstall any programs that may conflict with the Verizon Internet Security Suite. Verizon recommends you uninstall or disable programs that provide similar services to the security suite, such as anti-virus programs and firewalls. Running these programs alongside the Verizon Internet Security Suite can create errors and problems within the security suite.

Step 5

Login to your Verizion Internet Security Suite account by visiting the Verizon Net Services page (link in the Resources section). Click "My Account." Type your Verizon Online username and password in the login entry form and click the "Sign In" button.

Step 6

Select the "Manage my Broadband Essentials" option. Once on the Broadband Essentials page, click "Access Now" under the Verizon Internet Security Suite heading. Click "Download" to initiate a re-download of the security suite software.

Step 7

Reinstall the Verizon Internet Security Suite by double-clicking on the install file. The software will guide you through the installation process. Follow all prompts until the installation process is complete, then restart your computer. The Verizon Internet Security Suite is now reinstalled.