How to Reinstall Turbo Tax to Get Another State

By TS Jordan

Turbo Tax is a do-it-yourself income tax program that can help you to streamline your finances. Turbo Tax is traditionally linked to a specific state during the install procedure to allow you to better comply with the unique requirements of your state's tax laws. Reconfiguring this can be necessary where you have moved to another state, or where you are selling the program to a third party.

Open the "Start" menu, click on the "Control Panel" and open the "Add/Remove Programs" list.

Select the entry for TurboTax and press the "Remove" button.

Select "No" when asked if you want to save user files and options. This will delete your state preferences.

Insert the TurboTax installation disc and select the "Install" button.

Select the option to perform a "Full Install." Select a new state during the installation procedure.