How to Reinstall System32

By Bobson St. Pierre

The System32 directory contains a number of important system files that are vital to the operations of your computer. If any of the files within this directory are damaged or corrupt, you will receive errors similar to "Windows/system32 corrupt or missing" when trying to boot up your computer. Resolving this problem involves replacing the corrupted system files with new ones. Windows 7 has a number of recovery utilities that you can use to resolve problems having to do with the System32 folder, including the Start Repair utility.

Place your Windows 7 operating system CD in your computer.

Press the "F8" key on your keyboard while the computer boots up. This command enters the "Advanced boot options" menu.

Select the "Repair my computer" option, and then press "Enter." The System Recovery Options screen opens.

Select "Startup Repair" from the list, and click "Next." The utility will scan your computer for the problem involving the system32 folder, find the damaged or missing system files, and replace them with backup copies. Once this is done, your computer will boot into your Windows desktop.