How to Reinstall Roboform

by Elvis Michael

RoboForm allows you to store personal information typed into desktop-based programs and Web browsers. Such data includes user IDs, passwords and forms that ask for name, home address and other personal details. Like most applications, you must reinstall RoboForm in the event the program gets corrupted or the hard disk is formatted. The RoboForm installation, for the most part, is an efficient and user-friendly procedure.

Download the RoboForm installer from its official website or other trusted Web source. Launch the installation file when the download process completes.

Select your desired language from the drop-down menu available.

Click the "Show Advanced Options" check box, and then click "Next" to continue.

Click to select the browser(s) where you wish to install RoboForm, such as Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Click to select "Fill and Save Forms in Windows Applications" if you wish to store data from desktop-based programs. Click "Next" to proceed.

Select the "Install RoboForm for All Windows Users" check box. If unchecked, the application only installs under your current Windows account.

Click "Install" to proceed with the RoboForm installation procedure.

Create a master password to protect all saved data, and click "Next" to finalize the installation. Otherwise, click "Skip" to install RoboForm without a master password and complete the installation process.

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