How to Reinstall Office Without a CD

By Ashley Adams-Mott

Reinstall Office Without a CD
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The Microsoft Office software suite is available in traditional CD-ROM format and is also offered as a download by Microsoft. The method of purchase dictates the method of reinstalling Office.

System Restore

If your Office software was uninstalled or damaged by a recent computer issue, run a Windows System Restore by clicking "Start," selecting "All Programs," choosing "Accessories," clicking "System Tools" and selecting "System Restore." Choose a restore point from before your software malfunctioned to restore it.

Reinstall with a Product Key

The Microsoft website provides downloads of their Office suite for users to experience a free trial of the software. If you have your product key, which is typically printed on both the CD and the inner packaging on Microsoft products, enter it when prompted after downloading and installing Office. If you downloaded your Office software, the product key is emailed to you at purchase and logged with your purchase site.

No Product Key and No CD

Without both your original product key or CD-ROM, Microsoft Support is not able to provide assistance. A new Office software suite must be purchased.