How to Reinstall MMC.EXE

by Joe Murray
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Microsoft Management Console is a Windows module that runs the snap-in components that are used to monitor the computer’s various functions -- .msc extension programs such as Device Manager and Event Viewer. If MMC.EXE is lost or corrupted, you will be unable to open and view any of these performance-checking tools. Re-installation is relatively easy.


Check for and install any new operating system updates using Windows Update, then try to open Device Manager to check the performance of MMC.EXE. If MMC.EXE is still not working, get a clean version of MMC.EXE from another computer that is running your version of Windows; you will find it in C:\Windows\System32. Copy the MMC.EXE program to a thumb drive.


After you get a clean version of MMC.EXE, open C:\Windows\System32, find the corrupted version and delete it. Paste the clean version of MMC.EXE into the same folder. Restart your computer and open an administrative tool to double check that the new version of MMC.EXE works.


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