How to Reinstall iTunes in Windows 7 64-Bit

by Marie Cartwright

Windows 7 64-bit users may run into trouble when downloading iTunes from its official website. That's because the version of iTunes that comes up in most general search results is the one meant for 32-bit Windows. If you have an existing installation of iTunes that you want to replace with the latest 64-bit version, you will first need to uninstall your previous installation. Uninstalling iTunes will not delete your media files, although you will need to re-import them into iTunes.

Open the "Start" menu. Click "Control Panel." Find the "Programs" header. Click the "Uninstall a Program" link. This will open a window that lists all of your installed programs. Select "iTunes" within the list. Click "Uninstall." This process may take a minute or two. Once the progress window closes, iTunes is uninstalled.

Download iTunes for Windows 64-bit from the Apple Support website. This file requires 77.61 MB of storage space.

Launch the iTunes installation file. Read through and agree to the license agreement. ITunes will take a few minutes to install.

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